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nugara High-tech - Telecommunications, networks and infrastructure logistics

Partner with a logistics expert who can simplify the complexity of the telecoms, network and infrastructure industry.

The growing demand for a new generation

Our connected world is built on telecommunications infrastructure. So much of our daily lives are powered by this essential utility. As more devices come online, especially with the growth of smart devices as our lives become more digitalised, there is a boom in demand for new generation telecom network infrastructure. The importance deploying of this critical infrastructure is key for the growth and prosperity of all economies.

Providing the full scope of services needed

At Kuehne+Nagel, we understand the complexity of the telecoms, network and infrastructure industry. Our teams ensure you have the flexibility you need to develop your business. We can handle the full scope of your projects, whether delivering containers or moving oversized equipment between locations. As well as transport, we can support with distribution, storage and final mile delivery. Our warehousing, order fulfilment and late postponement solutions can be customised to your exact requirements to give you the agility to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Enjoy peace of mind with our expertise

This high-value equipment requires technical precision during transportation. You can rely on our expertise for this sensitive cargo, with precautions in place to ensure secure and compliant transport. With a focus on security and safety, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your shipments and reputation are in safe hands.