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nugara High-tech - Consumer electronics logistics

Rely on our experience and expertise for your consumer electronics supply chain.

The challenges in a booming market

Consumer electronics are now synonymous with our connected way of life. Product launches, updated devices and new categories create a booming market with lots of opportunities for those that get their product to market to meet customer demand. However, this sector includes many complex challenges for manufacturers. In a competitive landscape, time and cost pressures can affect your supply chain. Order fulfilment and inventory management are complicated processes that require expertise to handle optimally.

Rely on the expertise of specialists

Partner with a logistics specialist who will help you achieve a competitive advantage with your supply chain. At Kuehne+Nagel, our high-tech teams understand the intricacies of the consumer electronics market. Whether you’re launching a new product, dealing with a surge in demand or need support in dealing with your suppliers, we have the expertise you need. Our specialist services cater to both retailers and distributors for transport, storage, customisation and final-mile distribution. Quality is an important benchmark, for both electronics and logistics.

We have the agility to handle your orders via your distribution centre or directly to your customers with the appropriate security measures to protect your goods, in our network certified to ISO 2800 standards. For your peace of mind, you’ll have visibility of the shipment and key processes throughout the full end-to-end journey with our digital solutions.

Our support for reverse logistics

Delivering your goods is only part of the puzzle. Reverse logistics is another crucial aspect that can have an impact on your margins. Through streamlined processes, you can reduce costs and drive better customer satisfaction. We offer comprehensive support for reverse logistics, to take the pressure off your organisation.